charging car battery with jump start cables

Preparing to charge car battery

Before you start charging car battery, you’ll need to make sure you have a few things at hand

-Be sure to read all instructions on your vehicle hand book before getting start  a well as the jump start cables kit

Choice a support vehicle that has a similar engine power to your vehicle’s engine power.

Before jump starting your car, you’ll need to do a few important checks first

Check the state of your battery if it is looking damage or is leaking then don’t try to charge it, it is best be safe and contact a professional instead.

Always take off and keep all metal objects like rings, watches away from the battery.

Remove all loose clothing such as neck ties to stop them from getting caught in any moving part of the car.

Never smoke when you are jump starting a car and make sure there is no flame nearby.

When the car is in place, check to see that the head light and any other electronic devices are switch off.

Remove the car key to be certain that everything is turn off

Now you are ready recharge your car’s using jump starter

Charging car battery

How use jumper cables

-First thing, pull the support vehicle up to the dead vehicles, it is best to have them nose to nose but not touching each other.

Pull up the handbrakes

-Open the hood of each car then check to make sure that the jumper cables can reach from one car’s battery to the other.

-Go over to the car with the working battery with the red jumper cable which is the positive lead

-Look for the positive terminal on that working battery car. It should have a “+”  symbol or a red cap or some red mark

-Use the red jumper cable to connect to the positive terminal on the support car battery.

-Then go back to the car with the dead battery and connect the other end to the positive terminal on the dead battery.

-Back to the support battery and connect the black cable to the negative terminal, it should have minus “-“ symbol or black cap;

Now you have make sure you remember this

When you move to the car with the flat battery, this time instead of connecting the black jumper cable to the negative terminal, you need to find a solid piece of metal on the engine connect it to, make sure it is firmly attach. It has to be away from the fuse system or the battery;

When you finished hooking up everything, wait a little then start the engine of the working battery and left it running for a minute or two.

How to check to see if the battery is charge

Now try to start the engine of the car with the flat battery

If it doesn’t work, wait a bit longer with the engine still running before trying to start it again.

If the engine does start this time, leave the engine of both cars running for about 10 minutes.

Now after the 10 minutes are up, you need to turn off the 2 engines to let them cool down a bit.

Then in reverse order you need to remove the jumper cables

Warning: be careful not to touch the clip against each other or make contact with any other metal such as the car body

Start by carefully removing the black negative jumper cable from the contact support point then from the negative terminal.

Do the same with the red jumper cable, start by removing it from the positive terminal of the support car then remove it from the terminal of the new charge car.

if the battery is dead and you want to use a battery charger, checkout the video below


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